The Most Recent Animal Cruelty Cases Found Throughout the Country

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By Samantha Skinner

Just recently, hundreds of animal cruelty stories have surfaced everywhere. With plenty of coverage on many of them, people are wondering why this went on and how often these people have done their crimes before.

Covering a handful of the stories here, these are just some of them, not all of them. Know that there are so many others that have happened, and it is up to us, people like you and I, to spread the word about animal cruelty and make sure that we put an end to it.

It is important to the world we live in, to the people living in the world and the animals that are doing this.

  • A woman in Lynchburg Found with 26 Dogs in Her Home

The Animal Control officers for the area were dispatched to the home to check on the welfare of the animals that were inside. The officers were able to get a search warrant for the home and found that there were 26 dogs living there and not many of them were in good health. The woman was taken into custody and charged with five counts of misdemeanor Animal Cruelty.

  • Horses Found on Farm in Poor Health

Horses that look underweight and in poor shape were found on a farm in Jackson County, Kansas. A veterinarian was the first to notice the horses and their health and then called it into authorities. Not only the vet, but others have called previously regarding the horses and asked someone to come out and check them out because many of them had no access to water and were in makeshift stalls. Even when the temperatures were over 100 degrees. He is facing animal cruelty charges and 47 horses were taken from his property.

  • Attacks Made by Bears Lead to Animal Cruelty Charges

In a county in Florida known for their black bears, people were baiting them to come out and get goodies like donuts, pastries, peanut butter and other items so that a pack of dogs could take the bear down and essentially kill it. The bears would come to the clearing where there was a large pack of 12 or more dogs waiting to jump on it. They would bite it and harm it and the humans doing this never called the dogs off or tried to stop it. In fact, they recorded this happening. Due to the intent to harm these animals, which is against the law in Florida, the nine individuals that took part in this are currently facing charges.

  • Texas Man Facing Charges After Dogs are Found in Deplorable Conditions

The dogs of this man living in Texas were close to death when help arrived. Starting with seven dogs, but finding two deceased, they were all starving, had no water and no healthcare during their lives. The remaining five dogs were living off of the deceased dogs by eating them. The dogs were not properly cared for and many of them may have died. All 5 remaining dogs were removed from the conditions.

These are just some of the cases that happen throughout the country on a daily basis. With so many people living under the radar for the cruelty that is happening, not many people are actually being caught because of what they are doing. It is important to think about what is happening in your neighborhood. Many of these cases were only found out because people by the person abusing the animals were able to call and say something to authorities. If you notice something, make sure to speak up.

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