Top 10 Benefits of Raw Vegan Diet

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By Joo Chia

There are many compelling reasons to eat just raw foods. It is a lifestyle decision with many long-term positive effects, not just a fad diet. In this article, we will try to convince you with the top 10 benefits of raw vegan diet.

Raw foods are rich in protein, calcium, phytonutrients, antioxidants, and essential fats. Another primary reason why raw foods are so beneficial to us is because the important enzymes in the plants are preserved.

Enzymes are the most heat-sensitive substances in our food, and yet they are essential for every function in the body, including helping us digest our food properly. Digestive health is paramount to our overall wellbeing, as Hippocrates said, “All disease begins in the gut.”

Most plants provided for us by nature are intended to be consumed raw, so let’s take a look at how we can reap their maximum benefits if we stick to a raw vegan diet:

1. Reduces health risks, reverses chronic diseases

A raw plant-based diet reduces the risks of cancer, heart diseases, obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, etc. Many raw vegans have even reversed these chronic illnesses, as the vegetables and fruits straight from the trees, bushes, and soil are the most powerful in promoting healing in our ailed bodies.

In fact, if you’re trying to heal from any kind of chronic illnesses, consider incorporating juicing into your daily diet. The rush of nutrients with minimal load on the digestive system sets the conditions for the body to repair and regenerate its cells.

2. Provides immunity against flus, colds and coughs

The antioxidants and the alkalinity provided by a raw vegan diet boost our immunity levels right up. Wholesome nourishing plant foods are able to cancel the oxidative effects on our body which can arise due to bacterial or viral infections, and exposure to chemical pollutants through diet, the environment, and personal care products.

3. Increases energy, lifts mood

Fresh, plant-based foods give us vitality and life. No more heartburn, constipation, and gas that we often get from a regular diet. And once the body adjusts to the high nutrient density of raw foods, we will be raring to go. When the body is well-nourished, we feel energetic, happy and ready to take on any challenge that life throws at us.

4. Slows the effects of aging

I have seen how a raw vegan diet can make people look 10 years younger. Food that is alive feeds more life into us, we are made to thrive on that. Plants make their own food, they derive their cells from the essence of the sun, water, and the earth. By consuming them, these essence transfer to us and bless us with abundant health and youth.

5. Removes brain fog, enhances focus and mental clarity

Besides an uplift of mood and energy, raw plants also work their way to our brains by providing the omega-3 fatty acids, derived from chia seeds, flax seeds, avocado, leafy greens, and many nuts. These foods also contain lots of magnesium which is critical for our brain function.

It is normal to frequently feel a mental lethargy when digesting a full meal of regular cooked food. But a raw vegan meal hardly ever gives a brain fog.

6. Provides burst of flavours

Raw foods are bursting with so much natural flavours, there is practically no need for any form of seasoning. Sweetness can be derived from fruits, sourness from lemons, and spiciness from the chillies. The most you need to add is a little sprinkle of sea salt, and that is more than sufficient to give the taste buds a heavenly experience.

7. Takes very little preparation

A raw vegan diet frees you from cooking! More peeling and cutting, especially if you include more vegetables and fruits in your diet, but it can be a really liberating feeling, not to have to stand by the stove when preparing each meal. Even the kids can prepare their own meals, as long as they are confident handling a knife.

8. No need to clean up

This must be the best part of this deal. No greasy pots and pans, no crusty messes and oily stoves. If you are not fussy, you may not even need a dishwashing detergent – just water and a clean sponge will do!

9. Kindness to animals

This goes for any vegan diet, not just raw vegan. Humans thrive on a plant-based diet. There is nothing found in animals that are not found in plants. The animals themselves feed on plants, so let’s reach for the start of the food chain, the energy source, and derive our dietary needs from there.
Animals should not have to suffer for our own indulgence, just because we cannot live without the tantalizing taste of meat. I’m sure we as a human species are much stronger than that.

10. Protects the environment
A raw vegan lifestyle does a lot to reduce our carbon footprint. From little to no packaging, to no need for preservatives and no fuel used for cooking, and even no chemicals in washing, the raw vegan way brings us back to basics and is the least harmful to the environment.

Final thoughts

Many people who tried out a raw vegan diet for their health issues have found such immense relief and improvement in overall wellbeing that they have stuck to it, and are thriving on it. Life does not have to be complicated. Nature has showered us with its blessings all this while, it is up to us to embrace it.

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