Are there really health benefits to marijuana?

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By Hollie Spooner

Are there really health benefits to marijuana?

Using marijuana can have not only psychological and physical benefits but also spiritual as well.

The benefits or marijuana are widespread and can be long-term. Marijuana impacts your nervous system which relaxes the body when the nervous system expands. The downfall of using Marijuana for its benefits is the fact it is illegal to smoke in a fair amount of areas and is not taken seriously in the world of medicine.

You need to be aware not to overindulge in the herb. No matter what you are using it for you will get something positive out of the herb if you don’t abuse it. Using cannabis with a group of friends purely for recreational use can most often lead to overindulgence. When the herb is used for spiritual reasons like meditation you only need to use a small amount to enhance the mediation. The aim is not to get intoxicated or smoke it continuously but a small dose here and there is all that is needed for a good mediation.

There is no harm in cannabis use if you need it to help you unwind from a hard, stressful day. In order to get the most out of it, you need to use only a small amount and let the meditation take over naturally.

Whatever you are doing whether it be music, writing, art you will find cannabis makes things better. There is a lot of content out there from spiritual writers that show support for cannabis use but the subject of its benefits is quite vague.

Check out these health benefits of cannabis use and see where it could be of some help to your complaint:

• Helps with chronic pain
• Relieves nausea
• A safer alternative to opioids
• Anti-cancer effects
• Relives arthritis
• Can help to treat glaucoma
• Controls epilepsy
• Soothes tremors for those suffering Parkinson’s
• Helps with chronic disease
• Lessen side effects from Hep C
• Decrease anxiety
• Helps to protect the brain after a stroke
• Helps PTSD sufferers
• Helps to treat inflammatory bowel disease
• Helps your cosmic energy flow through each of your seven chakras. This is due to the vibrations that communicate onto the person.
• Helps your endocrine glands function correctly. If of course, you use it in moderation. If you overindulge it can inhibit their functioning which will see to a negative effect.

Ensure you are in the right frame of mind and spirit when you approach cannabis. You will not get the positive benefits you seek otherwise. If you are wanting marijuana for spirituality then you need to have a clear head and know your full intentions before using it.

For spiritual minds, it is important to have your free-flowing energy dance through each of the bodies chakras and set it free to express itself throughout our lives. It doesn’t matter how you intend on using the herb as long as you have positive intentions and know your limit. We have many chances to clear our mind and meditate when we can, which is important not to rely on external sources to do that when we have the power within.

Recreational users who have long abused cannabis fail to find the health and spiritual benefits simply because they don’t use it for this purpose. Look outside the box with this plant and see what positivity it can bring to your life.

We can hope that in the future more research is done to prove the benefits from this plant are in fact real and make it available for everyone to cure all different types of complaints.

Marijuana use for certain conditions should not replace that of your doctor’s advice. Cannabis should not be treated as a cure but a helpful source to manage many conditions and complaints.

Different people will have different effects, while it may help one with pain it may not do anything for pain within another. It is trial and error really. It doesn’t hurt to try things and see if you can gain anything from it.

Check with your local laws regarding marijuana use as some places prohibit its use, however, it can be used for certain medical conditions if you have a permit to do so.

25 Health Benefits of Marijuana

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