The connection between Veganism and the spirit world

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By Hollie Spooner

The connection between veganism and the spirit world is very important with many religions following such as Jainism, Buddhism, and Hinduism. For the ones who follow a religion like the above are encouraged to practice veganism, with some religions making it a requirement to practice.

The reality of being a vegan and the core of most religions is to not eat or use anything that contain animal products.

This includes any food that contains animal products, soaps, powders, clothing etc.

With the newer religions being brought in we are seeing more denies that such rules apply to animals. There are claims that animas don’t have souls and the fact that god actually placed them on earth for us to have a source of food.

Ahimsa and the spiritual connection

Ahimsa applied to every living animal as it is believed by their followers that there is a spiritual energy connection. Basically, it boils down to by hurting others we are doing nothing but hurting ourselves.

Ahimsa’s believe we are all connected and the way we treat animals can leave serious repercussions.

These repercussions can be seen as factory farmers polluting the water and air which encourages diseases to spread, slaughterhouse staff have been known to get PTSD and take on violence tendencies that they inflict on family.

Eating animal products has been linked to diseases such as heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and cancer. Ahimsa’s believe that the people starving in the world is linked to the fact we are feeding so many of our crops to farmed animals. There are so many beliefs that eating animal is eating the negative vibrations of such animals that were at the hands of humans who made them suffer a painful and terrifying death.

There have been claims made that hormones in the animal that were caused by the extreme adrenaline when they were killed are still floating in the body of the animal. Therefore, we are ingesting them into our own bodies. This has been described as the lightness that vegans feel when they stop eating meat.

While Veganism is rising high and continues to grow in popularity there are still many people who think taking the lives of animals for food is the right way of life. While we all hate cruelty to animals it can be hard for people to get into the spiritual world and look at their bad ways of eating and questioning why it is wrong in the eyes of some.

Pranic Healing

There is a lot of belief within Pranic Healing. This type of healing is developed with trained clairvoyants. Meat is seen as dirty energy. Dirty energy causes blockages within the body which is where Pranic Healing is used to clean the body. When you eat meat, it is seen as you are ingesting the toxins, and this is another topic vegan followers will mention when talking about why you should give up meat. Eel, pork and catfish are known as the dirtiest meats and they should be taken out of your diet in order to start your journey of becoming a vegan and connecting to your inner spiritual world.

Being a vegan is not just about being against the killing of animals for food but to also have a healthier outlook on your health. Meat is a substance that your body needs to work hard to process it through and then eliminate it. This only takes energy from your body instead of creating it.

Removing meat from your diet is an easy and fast wat to raise your energy levels.

Vegans who believe are on a spiritual journey are very kind-hearted people, they don’t judge, they are happy to create happiness for anyone they can, and you will find all are very friendly people. Perhaps there is some truth to the benefits of becoming a vegan and understanding the spiritual world it could just make you a more happy, positive person overall.

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