What is Spiritual Hypnotherapy?

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By Hollie Spooner

Spiritual hypnotherapy is used for spiritual purposes that relate to the soul. This type of hypnotherapy involves your emotional, physical and your spiritual aspects. Spiritual hypnotherapy will take you to your own personal depths, to a level of non-physical which is accessing your higher being. This is the journey to the connection you create with the mind, body and your soul. You will be able to reach a higher awareness that will send your soul on the pathway that it must explore in order to benefit in your current life.

Spiritual Hypnotherapy helps to heal you on several different levels. This will ensure you are creating your own awareness to ensure you have a meaningful existence. For the external world around us to be healthy first, we need to ensure that our inner world is healthy and peaceful so we can allow our spirit to grow and learn.

Taking a spiritual approach towards hypnotherapy you don’t need to have a religion or have beliefs about the existence of spirits. You will need to have the willingness to find your inner wisdom and intuition which is needed to help guide us through each and every life experience we come across.

There is a strong belief that in spiritual hypnotherapy we connect to a higher awareness which helps us to transform and as we transform we are encouraged to create a life envision for the future.

How is spiritual hypnotherapy done?

While some may think hypnotherapy is sitting in a room with an old, dreary, wizard looking old man who waves a clock on a chain in front of your eyes. This is just the way it is done on tv. Spiritual hypnotherapy uses relaxation and breathing techniques along with guided imagery to put you into a hypnotic state. This is when hypnotherapists can re-program your unconscious and subconscious mind to certain suggestions and goals to aim for which is where your inner resources will come into play. Most times a session will go between 1-2 hours depending on each individual and their needs.

What things are explored in spiritual hypnotherapy?

• Creating the connection between body spirit and your soul
• Connect with your higher self that extends further from your body and mind
• Be guided throughout your life
• Gain new insights and your inner wisdom
• Connect with your inner resources so you improve your life
• Heal the inner child
• Become your own healer
• Change your negative relationship into a caring and positive one
• Learn to fix problems with peaceful resolutions
• Transform your anger from bitterness into positive forgiving
• Get back parts of your soul that may be distant
• Improve your meditation practices

What do sessions consist of?

At a spiritual hypnotherapy session, you will be asked a few questions about yourself and what you want to gain from doing this. This helps the hypnotist know what is needed during your hypnotic state. The hypnotist will take you through the steps as to what she will be doing before the hypnotherapy takes place. You will need to find the best position that makes you feel most relaxed. The start will be an induction which gets you into the hypnosis state by using suggestions and words. The second stage is where you go deeper into the hypnosis stage. The third stage starts the process of changing things like your fears, confidence, habits and behaviours. The hypnotherapist needs to connect with your subconscious in order to change the unconscious mind. The subconscious is where we store our habits. Once the subconscious has been reached the dark issues can be resolved.

Once the hypnotist is sure he/she has done what was needed you will then be brought back to a conscious state. You will be able to recall everything that went on.

This is a purpose of healing and it doesn’t matter whether you are doing it for the purpose of understanding aspects of your life, gaining a more positive attitude towards things or just wanting to explore beyond what we know. Spiritual hypnotherapy is a very empowering and can transform your life into something more loving, caring and fulling.

Live your life full of wisdom, joy and spiritual freedom.


Spiritual Hypnosis

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