Are Animal Rights Really That Important?

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By Samantha Skinner

Animal rights have been fought over for years. Whether they are friend or food, whether someone should really see them as something that has feelings or if you should eat them and think only of the food chain that we live in and perpetually continue to find ourselves following.

There are many cases that have been notorious in finding the justice for the animals that are behind them. Whether they are fish in a wildlife reserve or other animals that were brought to the attention of the court room. You can find these and other court cases as a part of the welfare of animals.

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is a service that has designated plenty of spots throughout the country devoted to preserving and providing a safe place for these animals to live and breathe. They provide an area that is going to benefit the fish and protects them from those that wish to fish in the area. The same has happened for wildlife, such as deer, in many of the areas throughout the country. While many feel that hunting these animals is good for the population, in some areas, it is actually harmful to them.

Trapping animals or killing them in such a manner that is not according to the laws or if they are against an animal that is currently extinct or close to can cause quite a stir in the court room. In one such instance, those that were hunting the Canadian lynx found themselves in trouble for trapping them when they were not to be harmed.

Those that are fighting dogs or hoarding them in their homes against the specific laws for that area and not providing them with adequate treatment have also been brought to court. Many of the dogs that were found in these hoarding situations that were not taken care of were also being bred. This is frowned upon and known as a puppy mill situation.

With many changes being made in the courtroom, not enough attention or coverage is being made on them to make them more known throughout the world. Due to this, a lot of attitudes towards animal rights are hardly good ones. Many do not feel that enough is being done while others feel that way too much is being done for animals that are not humans that require this help.

It is important that those searching for the animal rights from the specific court rooms get their justice as it is needed. This justice should come for these animals and it can with the help of those that believe in animals having rights.

The Future of Animal Rights
As time continues to move forward, we do fight for animal rights, maybe not to make them friends and not food, but definitely to give them the best care possible. Cruelty to animals, how they are raised only to be eaten, and a number of other factors come into play during each of these cases.

The future for animals is one that is looking up as more and more people are becoming aware of the future of the animals and that they have feelings. We will continue to bring their cases to the court rooms out there and fight to get them the rights that they deserve – whether farm animal, cattle, domestic animal or wild, you can find them here.

As time moves forward, we will continue to rally for those animals that need us. While they may not have the loudest voices, they have us behind them allowing us to be their voices during some of the darkest times.

What is your stance on whether animals should have rights or not? Where do you stand?

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