Reporting Cruelty to Animals: The Why and How

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By Samantha Skinner

Cruelty to animals is something that happens every single day throughout the country. Many people might not know it is happening while other turn their head the other way while it goes on. Many do not even know how to report the cruelty that they see happening around them. Many do not think about the cruelty that the animals feel when they are going through something like this. It can be a problem. It is a problem. It is one that we should not ignore.

Learn the facts about animal cruelty and find out how you can work to stop it from happening.

The biggest thing that we don’t realize is that while we have many laws that protect a good number of animals throughout the country, not all countries have the same protective laws to protect their animals. This means that thousands upon thousands of animals are in danger of going extinct because they are being poached every day for items that they have.

Animal abuse is something that is not a stranger to us, though sadly, it should be.

It is important to be aware of the surroundings that you live in. Maybe the dogs look like they are being neglected because their owner works different hours. Maybe they just seem skinny but that is their build? Maybe they have a dog door that the dog is able to go in and out of. Whatever the case, it may or may not be neglect, but it is important that you speak with someone if you think it may be.

Signs of Animal Neglect and Abuse
Here are some of the signs to look for if you think that an animal is being neglected or abused. It is important that you know what to watch for in case something is happening, and you need to report on it.

o There is no shelter out of the elements that the pet is able to go under or get to

o They have mange that covers their body and you can see it clearly on their bodies or they look like they are losing their hair

o They look smaller or skinnier than they should look or perhaps they keep losing weight over time

o Their collar is too tight or their leash is too short for the area that they are in

o The dog is clearly bleeding, bruised or have broken bones that are clearly visible

o The dog seems sick and continues to get worse with time

o You have an overall feeling that something is not right with the dog or the owner

Regardless of the condition that the dog is living in, it is important that you seek out help from the right professionals. The animal should get the best care possible, especially if they are sick. Mentioning the lack of care that the person is getting is important because it might be life or death for the animal in question. Try to give them life if possible.

Reporting the Cruelty That You See
It is important that you report the cruelty that you see. When something happens, you need to be able to keep the animals safe. Even if you are unsure of whether or not the animal is being abused, calling someone to come out and check can be the best thing for the animal in question.

Contact your local human society, animal control agency, animal shelter or law enforcement agency. They will then look into the case that you bring to their attention regarding the animal cruelty that may be happening.

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