Sonya Berg

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By Sonya Berg

I was a vegetarian for several years before I went vegan.

Then in 2012 I joined Facebook to start an animal rights page called “Real Humans are Kind to Animals” which made me do so much more research on animal rights. I was responsible to get the facts right. It was then when I realized that being a vegetarian still contributed to animal cruelty. I was extremely shocked that the dairy and egg industry was just as cruel. I felt so guilty for buying the lies.

Without hesitation I decided to go vegan after knowing this. I didn’t need to watch any documentary like Earthlings. Just watching a short clip of the dairy industry and male baby chicks being ground up alive sealed the deal. No more violence on my plate! I won’t contribute to abuse and torture!

I’m very much against violence and abuse of any form, so it only made sense to go vegan.

Being vegan made me aware how consumers are being lied to. Being vegan made me aware that everything is connected too: cause and effect. You cause pain to animals, destruction to the environment and harm your own health. I would even say it goes deeper. You cannot fight for the oppressed unless you include animal rights. Animal rights is also human rights. Human rights is also animal rights. They go hand in hand. Both want to be treated with respect and as an individual. Both have beating hearts. So, it’s ludicrous to me to only support human rights when animals display the same array of pain and emotion.

I’ve been joining street animal activism with Orlando Save movement, Orlando DXE, Animal Rights of Florida (ARRF), Anonymous for the Voiceless (Orlando and Winter Park chapter) and Knights for Animal Rights (a student organization at UCF)

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