Redefining Our Culture and Earth in the Midst of Climate Change

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By Samantha Skinner

Redefining Our Culture and Earth in the Midst of Climate Change

The climate changing is definitely something that is not noticed right away, and there are always going to be those people that say it’s not changing at all, or that what we do is changing it. That’s fine, but even if the fossil fuels and greenhouse gasses were not at work, the climate would steadily change, just because of the amount of people and things found within the atmosphere.

We are all working towards a better tomorrow, in one way or another, but many people do not realize how threatened our earth is. How much this is making a difference in the way that things are being done and how people are making matters worse (or better, in some people’s cases) and this is important.

The Climate Changes

The changes that are made in the climate come because of the onslaught of pollution that we are putting into the world around us. The amount of waste, the amount of destruction, of pollution, of gasses and more that are being put out into the world is slowly killing it. Even as it turns, it is slowly breaking down with time. After a while, the earth may not be able to sustain life because of the climate changes happening all around us.

A lot of the areas around the world are seeing their temperatures rise drastically, as well as winters getting colder and longer. They are seeing less ice in the polar regions, causing many of those animals to die out. The oceans are moving over, algae that is deadly is now the new normal for the oceans, and the Great Barrier Reef is almost gone.

What you see is what you get with the world around us, and soon, there is not going to be anything left to see. This is why it is important to help the future generations realize the destruction happening all around us, so we can slow the process, if not stop it, and perhaps save the world.

Redefining Our Culture

The culture that we live in is one that has to be defined. It has to be rewritten for those newer generations that are coming up. We need to teach them to respect the earth, to preserve the earth and those living on it. If they can do this, they are able to do anything – including turning the world around for their future generations to come.

The culture needs to realize that the world that we live in is one that is not going to be around long if we do not start caring for it. Once we stop caring for it, then we can find that it is going to really take a turn for the worst which is not what anyone wants.

When teach those little hands and minds the greatness of the earth and show them what Mother Nature can do, they’re better able to get the tools needed as they become older to really consider how the world around them works and the culture they are living in.

Tackling climate change can be done in so many ways. Simply by planting trees, we are able to give the world around us a breath of fresh air. We are paving the way and giving the world and all those people living in it new hope for the future ahead. You want to live in a world that stands strong but the only way to do this is through the right teaching from those that are currently living in the global warming zone and know all the dangers that come with it.

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