Renewable Clean Energy Sources

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By Samantha Skinner

Simple, Natural Energy Alternatives That are Good for the Environment
The term ‘natural’ can mean so many things, and still not provide the clean energy that many people are looking for. Just because the energy is natural doesn’t make it clean, or a good type of energy to have for the environment around you.

Due to this, it is important to consider all of the energy alternatives and then choose which is the most natural and best choice to go with depending on the needs that you have and the specifics of what you’d like to have from a renewable energy source that is also good for the environment.

Tidal Energy
This is energy that is powered by water. It works in the same method that wind turbines would work. Turbines in the water are used and powered through the kinetic energy of the ocean that pushes and pulls to create the energy. There is no need for fossil fuels at all in this case.

Wind Energy
This is one of the more popular choices to go with when it comes to generating clean energy with no waste and no gasses going into the atmosphere. Wind power generates energy for around twenty million homes, accounting for many people that have clean, alternative energy sources. Many states are now looking to adopt this energy source for their own, helping to power even more homes. However, these can also be dangerous to some of the wildlife in the area and can restrict views.

Biomass Energy
This is when energy comes from the burning of items, be it wood to generate heat or even landfills that heat up due to the amount of mass in the area and the energy these areas puts off is tremendous. These systems can be installed in a home, but you would need permission from the area to have one, and you do need to consider the maintenance needed on the system.

Geothermal Power
Geothermal power works by extracting energy from the ground. This is probably one of the most basic ways to get energy, but it does require an entire intricate setup to work. This is one of the best energy sources that has a lot of potential, but it costs a lot up front to get started, making it a harder investment for some to make.

Hydroelectric Energy
This is one of the more earlier uses of natural energy that has been used in many states and countries in the past with great results. It is a renewable, completely clean energy source that doesn’t bring pollution with it, making it an ideal choice for so many that want something that is clean and actually good for the environment. They also use this for flood control and irrigation in many areas, though it is not very popular with powering homes and cities, even though it comes with so many benefits that the others cannot provide.

So, whether you’re looking for a cleaner, more natural source of energy to power a home with or just want something smaller for other types of energy; these sources have been shown to provide the results that so many people want and need when it comes to using the energy to power just about anything, and also doing good for the environment, as well.

Which type of power would you choose to go with if you’re redoing the energy source for your home? Do you prefer one over another? The best type of energy is the energy that doesn’t damage the atmosphere or world around us, and these options will not do that.

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