Tips on Combining Vegan Food

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By Martin Rubai

Vegan; To Be or Not To Be

Being a vegan consist of one, eliminating meat products and general products that are derived from animals. By doing this, you get to consume more of plant-derived products. It has, however, been a challenge for most people. Nevertheless, it has its fair share of advantages as it has proved to be healthier by reducing the risks of acquiring heart diseases.

All in all, people have different reasons for choosing to go the vegan way. Some because of their religious beliefs, others due to their health and some due to their dietary ethics.

Factors to Consider When Preparing a Vegan Meal

It is vital to have a proper food combination to avoid problems with indigestion, acidosis, and having too much gas that can eventually lead to discomfort. Additionally, good food combination enables the body to acquire the nutrients from a diet maximally. This absorption will subsequently improve the body’s health by strengthening the immune system as well as other body systems.

It is also essential to ensure that at most, two different starches, one protein, and fats are in your meal. The intervals at which you take your meals is also crucial because the body needs ample time to digest the food properly. It is also recommended to have at least a 3-hour interval between meals.
While taking mushrooms, tomatoes or green foods such as kales, lettuces, carrot, and spinach, it is recommended that you combine them with unsaturated fats which will assist in the extraction of more nutrients from the green foods. Tomatoes have a particular nutrient called lycopene that helps to prevent cancer and is proven to be well absorbed with unsaturated fats. This also applies in making a green salad whereby you can include fats like avocado. Moreover, the green foods may not sustain you for a long time, and hence, the healthy fats accompanied by them serve that purpose.

Fruits in a Vegan Diet

It is preferred that when eating fruit, one should eat it alone and not combine it with other foods except nuts and seeds. Fruits should be taken three hours after your meal or before your meal. This is because a fruit takes a shorter time to digest and provides the body with the essential minerals and vitamins. Combining it with other foods otherwise hinders this, as it causes the food combination to ferment leading to delayed food digestion as well as gas production. However, this can be prevented by blending the fruit with other foods which predigest the food.

You can never go wrong with non-starchy vegetables. This is because they digest faster and produce their enzymes during digestion. By doing this, there will be no food delay in the stomach hence no fermentation, which will eventually prevent bloating and gases. You can, therefore, pair these vegetables with anything without worrying that something might go wrong with your digestion. Other neutral foodstuffs are spices which are used to add flavor to any food and can be paired with any food from starch, protein, or healthy fats.

In Conclusion, having a proper food combination will help you get more energized other than fatigued after a meal. It plays a significant role in promoting weight loss as well as making your skin smooth and glowing. Inadequate food combination occurs when you take foods that require different requirements for their digestion hence leading to delayed food digestion, fatigue as well as discomfort.

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